GasSense NDIR. INFRARED TRANSMITTER. GasSense is an innovative high specification dual channel infrared gas sensor with integrated transmitter for the measurement of CO2, CO, CH4, N2O or hydrocarbons. Featuring automatic temperature compensation, it can be easily integrated into new or existing measurement systems and monitoring instruments.

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With all the talk of Co2 these days, you would think it’s easy to detect. But Co2 only consists of % of the atmosphere meaning; it’s a trace gas that’s quite difficult to detect. The Atlas Scientific EZOCO2 sensor is a compact NonDispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor that gets right to the point, giving you the Co2 readings in ppm.

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The picture below illustrates the principle using the example of a NDIR CO2 sensor: On the right side we have an IR light source that emits radiation at all wavelengths. The reflector is used to direct as much light as possible in the direction of the thermopile detector which is on the left side. In between there is a tube with IR reflecting ...

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The SCD30 is an NDIR sensor, which is a ''true'' CO2 sensor that will tell you the CO2 PPM (partspermillion) composition of ambient air. Unlike the SGP30, this sensor isn''t approximating it from VOC gas concentration it really is measuring the CO2 concentration! That means it''s a lot bigger and more expensive, but it is the real thing.

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NDIR is an industry term for “nondispersive infrared”, and is the most common and adequate type of sensor used to measure CO 2. Room CO2 sensors These multifunctional HVAC transmitters measure temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and ambient light levels.

LMP91051 NDIR CO2 Gas Detection System

is used to detect the amount of a specific gas. For instance, since CO2 has a strong absorbance at a wavelength of µm, a bandpassfilter is used to remove all light outside of this wavelength. Figure below shows the basic NDIR gas sensor working principle. Figure 1. NDIR Gas Sensor Principle

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Jun 09, 2021· NDIR Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor. Prana Air CO2 sensor is a nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor with 1 PPM resolution and 10,000 PPM range. It is very accurate and responsive. These sensors are the most soughtafter sensor for monitoring carbonbased gases in …

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Air Quality Monitor to measure CO2, Temperature and Humidity. view details. MHZ19C NDIR CO2 Sensor for HVAC and IAQ. view details. ZPHS01B Multiinone Air Quality Monitoring Sensor Module. view details. MH410D NDIR CO2 SENSOR. view details. MHZ14A NDIR CO2 SENSOR FOR CARBON DIOXIDE DETECTION.

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CU1106C CO2 Sensor Module is designed to monitor from 05,000ppm carbon dioxide levels using single light source NDIR technology. CU1106LS is a low power version of CM1106C. It measures 4005,000ppm CO2 with an accuracy of ±50ppm+5% of reading. CU1106SLN is an ultralow power version designed for battery operated devices.