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Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor (Miniature CO) 2019. Ver , 73, Oesammiro 15beongil, Osansi, Gyeonggido, 18111, South Korea Telephone:+82314920445 Fax:+82314920446 Email:sales Website:

Senko Co., Ltd. gas sensor, portable gas detector

Senko Co., Ltd. Korea supplier of gas sensor, portable gas detector

CO Alarm CO Gas Detector

CO Alarm CO Gas Detector. Senko''s home CO Gas Detector is that gives an alarm when carbon monoxide gas is detected. It has fewer malfunctions because it reduces interference with gases other than CO gas by applying an electrochemical CO sensor.

SENKO: A Leader in Sensor Technology

Senko has been developing continuously for 16 years. SENKO Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004 and has developed Gas detector, Gas monitoring system based on our own Gas sensor technology. Now, SENKO is producing more than 12 gases sensor with various physical structure. SENKO has invested in research and development of new gas sensor and has ...

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Presentation SENKO Co.,Ltd. Manufacture Export of Gas sensor Gas detector Portable gas detector Breeath CO Monitor Gasmonitor Gas network system Fixed …

Our History SENKO

𐤟 Established Senko RD CenterSenko Environmental Sensor RD Center 𐤟 Established Senko Co., Ltd. Ansan branch 𐤟 Designated as a venture company by Small and Medium Business Administration 𐤟 Registered a domestic patent (indoor gas detector and indoor air purification system)

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SENKO Gas measuring device manufacturer, Sensors of the carbon monoxide, odor, oxygen, gas measuring device and more Inquiry Call +82314920445 Mail Mail Copied! Copied! Overview Products Documents Copy Mail Copied! Product Name: …

Senko Co., Ltd Profile Environmental XPRT

Senko Co., Ltd had developed sensors of the carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide by our own technology, starting the oxygen sensor. We had also developed to produce the gas safety equipment and its system such as the portable gas detector in the industrial field.

Ammonia (NH3) Gas Sensors SENKO

SENKO is a leading producer of Ammonia (NH3) sensors for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agricultural, food, and beverage.

Best Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensors SENKO

Carbon monoxide sensors are used to measure the amount of CO gas in your surrounding; check out various SENKO''s CO sensors here.

iGas CO2 Personal Monitor Senko

The iGAS CO2 is a Single Gas personal monitor for carbon dioxide detection. iGAS CO2 uses a low power NDIR (nondispersive infra red) sensor to provide fast and accurate detection in a compact, and lightweight package. iGAS is designed to withstand the harshest industrial working conditions, with an IP66/67 protection rating and delivers industry leading operating time with a …

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SENKO. How to Order Address Chats Credit Report. About Supplier ... We will be born again to focus to develop the new product of the high additional value technically fused through the coresearch based on this partnership. The gas sensor technology which could create the high additional value grafting with another industries, is one of the ...

SENKO CO., LTD. Portable Oxygen Detector

SENKO CO., LTD., Korea Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Portable Oxygen Detector


SENKO sensors and instruments are designed for area air quality and safety applications. SENKO gas monitoring instruments are provided with a one year warranty. This warranty covers only defective parts or workmanship in normal use and service. Instruments which fail to function due to factory defect